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"HYALURONIC" Hyaluronic acid 2% Pure

"HYALURONIC" Hyaluronic acid 2% Pure

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*Hyaluronic acid is one of the molecules that naturally makes up our skin and has

the ability to maintain the shape and strength of our connective tissue. Its lack causes a weakening of the skin, promoting the formation of wrinkles and blemishes.

Multiple Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid is a highly performing cosmetic treatment, composed of different molecular weights mixed together. Thanks to its plant origin, it offers numerous benefits for the skin. The low and very low molecular weights allow deeper penetration, guaranteeing a plumping and wrinkle-lifting effect. On the contrary, the medium and high molecular weights ensure intense hydrating power.

This cosmetic has a plumping and anti-aging action, immediately giving a long-lasting tightening effect to the skin of the face and décolleté which offers numerous benefits.

*Natural hyaluronic acid comes from fermentation and does not contain preservatives. Unlike other synthetic products, natural hyaluronic acid has greater bioavailability and better absorption

*The difference between natural and chemical hyaluronic acid lies in its origin. Natural hyaluronic acid is extracted from natural sources such as combat or fermentation, while chemical one is

synthesized in the laboratory.

*Hyaluronic acid is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics for its hydrating, anti-aging and healing properties. Hyaluronic acid helps maintain skin firmness and make it appear more toned. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is able to retain and absorb moisture, restoring volume to the skin and making it fuller. This acid stimulates fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen, which together with elastin is one of the fundamental proteins for the structure of the skin.

which makes the skin younger and healthier. Its highly hydrating formula prevents skin dehydration. Furthermore, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Natural products without preservatives and paraffin

    *hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid is a very delicate and non-aggressive ingredient, so it can also be used on sensitive skin.

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  • Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate

    For all skin types, for all ages. Yes, hyaluronic acid can also be used in summer. Hyaluronic acid helps counteract the effects of sun exposure and can be used to maintain skin water balance. It is important to apply adequate sun protection before and during sun exposure to maintain the skin in its natural state of health and integrity.

    Ingredients:100% natural

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